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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Official SobekPundit Blogger Interview: Dave in Texas

This week I'm joined by Dave in Texas. You'll note I didn't use the phrase "I asked Dave in Texas to join me," because the process was more along the lines of Dave pestering me about getting the word out about the pool he's putting in his backyard. I tried to explain to him that I've effectively reduced my readership to the odd Google search for "Tom +Morello +Douchebag," but, well, he's from Texas so I guess he just doesn't catch on too quickly.

Dave: Thanks for inviting me, Sobek.

Sobek: And obviously he doesn't read the opening paragraphs to my Blogger Interviews, either. Anyway, Dave I understand you're putting a pool in your backyard.

Dave: I'm glad you brought that up, Sobek. For updates, you can check out my blog here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and...

Sobek: Slow down there, cowboy. I'm sure both of my readers are really interested in your pool, but...

Dave: Just wait 'till you see the next batch of pictures! They're gonna be awesome.

Sobek: Fantastic. Actually, I'm more interested in the backhoe you used. I think it's looking at me.

Scoop: Hi-ya, Sobek!

Sobek: Holy crap, it talks!

Scoop: Hee hee! You're silly! Let's be friends!

Dave: Yeah, heckuva thing. I've also got a cement mixer, a steamroller and a crane that talk. It makes the work go a lot better.

Sobek: ...

Dave: ...

Sobek: So, basically ...

Dave: ...

Sobek: So I'm on acid, right? This must be some kind of hallucination or something.

Dave: No, not at all. See, when I first rented the backhoe, it was just like any normal piece of machinery. But while I was digging in my backyard, I found this:

Sobek: Is that the necronomicon?

Dave: I think so. Anyway, I opened it up, and all my machines started talking and playing games and stuff. And only a few minor side effects.

Sobek: Such as?

Dave: Undead hordes.

Sobek: So ... no big deal, really.

Dave: Heh. Nope.

Sobek: ...

Dave: ...

Sobek: ...

Dave: I'm just screwing with you, Sobek. You seriously believed that when I found a 1300 year old text, bound in human skin, with the power to summon Yog Sothoth and Chthulu, that I opened it?

Sobek: Well, I, uh...

Dave: Without saying the magic words first? How irresponsible do you think I am?

Sobek: Oh, in that case ... So, what are the magic words?

Dave: Klatoo, barada ...

Sobek: ...

Dave: I think the third one starts with "nik."

Sobek: I see ...

Dave: Nicotine? That doesn't sound right.

Sobek: Great. Anyway, I have to kick you out of house and board up the doors and windows now, but it's been great.

Dave: Nicholas? That can't be it.

Sobek: Pretty crazy stuff buried in the ground over there in Texas. The only thing buried in my backyard are hobos with caved-in skulls.

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