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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Official SobekPundit Blogger Interview: VodkaPundit

Hello, this is Chris Matthews, filling in for Sobek, who says he hates you all and hopes you never read this blog again. Frankly, I don't know that I can blame him. I've just been looking through his Sitemeter referral logs, and you're a pretty sorry looking bunch. Anyway, this week's guest is Steven Green from VodkaPundit. I like Vodka, you know? I like those, uh, what do you call them? Hole in One, that's it. Those are great.

Chris: Anyway, welcome to SobekPundit's blog, Mr. Green. I can only assume Sobek is driving around downtown Vegas, firing his gun into the air.

Stephen: First, it's Stephen, not Steven. Second, a Hole in One is made with Scotch, not Vodka.

Chris: Exactly. A nice scotch vodka. I visited Scotland, once. Ate some really tasty pasta there.

Stephen: That's really great, Chris, but I don't have all day. I need to get back home and get laquered.

Chris: Of course, of course. First question: what is the difference between the Arabic letters "saad" and "siin"?

Stephen: What? I have no idea.

Chris: Not too surprising. Moving on: in what year was Franz Kafka's "The Trial" first published?

Stephen: Why on earth would I know that?

Chris: Avoiding another question, I see. That's what I expect from religious fundamentalist whackos like you.

Stephen: Look, if you'd even bother to read my blog you'd see I ...

Chris: I'm after facts, not excuses. Here on Hardball ...

Stephen: This is SobekPundit, not Hardball.

Chris: Spin it anyway you want, the fact is you can't answer the tough questions. Which early Christian father wrote a famous rebuttal to Celsus?

Stephen: This is the worst interview I've ever seen. You're supposed to ask me questions about politics, hot issues of the day, or something that a reasonable reader would want to know about. This is just stupid trivia.

Chris: I'm not the least bit surprised to see you resorting to name-calling instead of a substantive defense of your positions.

Stephen: This is ridiculous. Who knows crap like that?

Anderson: "Saad" is emphatic, while "siin" is pronounced closer to the front of the mouth. The Trial was first published in 1937 by Max Brod, in defiance of the author's request to destroy the manuscript. Origen, in his famous Contra Celsam.

Stephen: ...

Chris: Thanks for proving my point, Anderson.

Stephen: Look, if you two jackasses are through, I've got some work to ...

Chris: What does the word "slooshy" mean in Nadsat, the slang language invented for Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange?

Anderson: What spices are used in the Indian appetizer known as "samosa"?

Chris: Why does ice float?

Anderson: What is the most common size of thimble sold in Nebraska?

Stephen: I'll be going now. Have a nice day.

Chris: ...

Anderson: ...

Chris: Well, I guess we just showed that Nazi a thing or two.

Anderson: Chris, Stephen Green is half-Jewish. Do you really think the word "Nazi" is appropriate for ...

Chris: Great, Karl Rove got to you, too. Well, that's all the time we have for this edition of Hardball.

Anderson: This isn't Hardball, it's SobekPundit. Where is he, anyway?

Chris: Probably hitting the sauce again. Have you ever had a Hole in One? And what's with you having a last name for a first name? What's that all about?

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