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Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Official SobekPundit Blogger Interview: 7 Deadly Sins

Because it's his blogiversary and everything, I've invited Sinner, from 7 Deadly Sins, over for this week's Official SobekPundit Blogger Interview. Sinner's been at this thing for a whole year now, and somehow the grinding tedium hasn't cause him to throw in the towel just yet. So without further ado...

Sobek: Thanks for joining me, Sinner.

Sinner: Lust: My pleasure.

Sobek: Uh, you're not going to do your whole "deadly sins" bit the whole time, are you?

Sinner: Pride: What? It's a funny bit.

Sobek: Well, in the context of your blog it's fine, but in a conversation it's a little ... you know ...

Sinner: Sloth: I'm not about to think up something new just to please you.

Sobek: Well, whatever. I ...

Cardinal Ximinez: NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!! Our principle weapon is surprise! Surprise and ...

Sobek: Oh, come ON, guys! You totally screwed that up!

Cardinal Ximinez: What? Didn't he just say "I didn't expect a sort of Spanish Inquisition"?

Sobek: No! I was just about to set him up, and you bozos jumped the gun.

Cardinal Ximinez: Gee, I'm sorry...

Sobek: This isn't rocket science, for crying out loud! You had one line to listen for. One lousy line. What am I paying you people for?

Sinner: Wait a minute, you weren't just going to run through the Monty Python Spanish Inquisition sketch and pretend it was original, were you?

Sobek: Well, I ...

Sinner: Come on, Sobek, if you're just going to phone it in, why even bother?

Sobek: Look, I've got enough of a headache dealing with my cardinals, here. I don't need this crap from you, too.

Cardinal Ximinez: Right, we'll start again.

Sobek: Well it's a little late now!

Sinner: I'm not going to say it.

Sobek: Oh come on. I really don't have a back-up plan for this interview. If you don't do the Spanish Inquisition sketch...


Sobek: Oh, for crying out loud!

Cardinal Ximinez: Don't give me that. I know I just heard the cue.

Sobek: That was me, you morons! And I said "If you don't do the Spanish Inquisition sketch," not "I didn't expect a sort of Spanish Inquisition."

Sinner: Lust: look, if we're all done here, I was about to go read Kiss 'N Blog...

Sobek: Wait just a second. I'm going to get this right if it takes all night.

Cardinal Ximinez: Right. We're going back out.

Sinner: Maybe you have all night, but I've got places to be, people to meet, commandments to break.

Sobek: Fine, just say the line and we'll breeze through this. I'll punch it up in editing.

Sinner: [Sigh] Okay, but let's make it quick.

Sobek: Great. Okay. So, uh, how did you choose the name for your blog?

Sinner: I, uh ... gee, I didn't expect, uh ...

Sobek: Yes?

Sinner: I didn't expect a, uh ...

Sobek: Yeeeeeeees?

Sinner: ... a sort of ... you know, a sort of, uh ...

Sobek: What's the hold up? I thought you said you had somewhere to be.

Sinner: Look, I just can't do it. Okay? The bit is a direct rip-off of Monty Python, and the whole punchline has already been spoiled.


Sinner: Well, if you're going to use that kind of language, I think this interview is over.

Sobek: Wait! Come back!


Sobek: Son of a bee-sting!


Sobek: That's it, no more of these stupid interviews for me. I'm outta here.





Cardinal Ximinez: Uh, guys? You still here? Where did everybody go?

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