Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Link Bonanza!!!

First, via commenter Robert Hurdman, some dude making fun of bizarre baby names. Warning: link provided by a Canuck.

From Hans Bricks: someone remind me why Lefties think socialized medicine is such a hot idea. Also: Hans thinks Republicans are going to lose the House. It's getting harder and harder for me to believe they don't deserve it.

From Ace: When a bunch of southern churches got torched by arsonists recently, the MSM was all ears. Ace thinks they'll probably shut up now that it turns out to be a bunch of theater majors. Also: did you hear about the school teacher who got in trouble after a student taped him going into a crazed anti-America rant? His dad's calling it McCarthyism. No word yet on whether his dad is at all concerned that the student has received threats. Also: you know how conservatives have pointed out that liberals only oppose data-mining when it's done by Republicans? Ahem. Also, check out the second link in this post. Dave says it's old, but then again, that's just Dave being Dave.

From Retired Geezer: Oklahoma wants to stop douchebag protestors from waving "thank God for IEDs" at soldiers' funerals. That wacky Oklahoma legislature.

From Dave Barry: Reason number 691 why we need guys. It's nice to feel needed, is all.

From Captain Ed: North Korea, in a desparate bid for attention, fires a couple of missiles at Japan. My question is, why am I not hearing about this from Hans Bricks? You're breakin' my balls, Hans!

The Hatemonger's Quarterly has an interesting piece on New Age Music. I'm dedicating this link to my Dad.

Andrea has a link to origami Nazgul. Huh. And to think, I could have that sort of talent, and never even know it.

Jack M takes the coward's way out: he's gotten a guest blogger. On the plus side, at least he had the good sense to pick Pony, who is a new client of mine.

The Llamabutchers present a zen question of the same caliber as the one about one hand clapping: What if they gave an Instalanche, and nobody came? Incidentally, enjoy the sweet, sweet flavor of a Sobek-o-lanche, bud.

I really enjoy the on-going Two Dogs romance saga.

I strongly recommend you don't click on this link. You've been warned.

Instead, click this one.

Cindy Sheehan never ceases to amaze. Grieving mother my scaly green butt. I remember when Sheehan's name first hit the news, Lefty blogger/idiot John Aravosis smugly announced something to the effect of "The right wing smear machine is already attacking this poor woman!!!" Little did I know, back then, how quickly she would devolve into the pathetic display she's become.

Hey, you know how France tries to pretend it's, like, a free country and stuff? I don't think they really understand what freedom is all about. This kind of thing makes me laugh when I hear about Hollywood types extolling the virtues of [insert foreign country here]. America has it's problems, but we're still the best. More on that theme from Mr. Twisted.

Sinner manages to sum up the whole of my blogging experience for the past month in a single post. So does Jeff. Crap, even when those guys are totally on empty they're funnier than me. This sucks.

Preston Taylor Holmes: hot on the trail of the former Taliban leader who was recently admitted to Yale.

Jennifer has a joke. It's pretty funny, but then at the end she makes a blasphemous remark about Catholicism, so I'm GOING TO CUT OFF HER DIRTY WHORE HEAD AND PULL OUT HER DIRTY WHORE FINGERNAILS, PRAISE BE TO ST. BARTHOLOMEW!!! PETER AKBAR! I bet she's a Jew.

I don't care who's posting here, just so long as someone is.