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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Official SobekPundit Blogger Interview: Jennifer from Demure Thoughts

Sean: Welcome to this week's Official SobekPundit Blogger Interview, where Sobek has invited me, Sean Hannity, to sit in for him while he deals with computer problems. I don't even know who this Sobek fellow is, but he offered me a gift certificate to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, and anyone who has listened to my radio show more than twice knows I'm more obsessed with Ruth's Chris than Dick Cheney is with pure, malevolent evil. That said, let not your heart be troubled.

Anyway, Sobek told me that this week's guest is Jennifer from Demure Thoughts. I've never heard of her, either, so I had to go visit her blog to get caught up. Frankly, I don't know where Sobek gets his idea of funny, but that Jennifer's got a bit of a foul mouth. In fact, I nearly cried myself to sleep after reading it, I was so scandalized. Jennifer, I know you're basically conservative, so how do you justify flagrantly tossing around such shocking words?

Jennifer: Cluck cluck cluck ...

Sean: Now you know that's not what I'm talking about, and so does the audience. I want a straight answer from you, yes or no. Is your language not absolutely beyond the pale of civil discourse in America?

Jennifer: Buck buck bu-CAW!

Sean: That's just what I thought. You people can't even answer a simple, straight-forward question. Let not your heart be troubled.

Jennifer: Cluck.

Sean: All you can do is evade the facts when they're presented to you. Take this post, for instance, in which you flagrantly use the "S" word right in the title. Have you no shame?

Jennifer: Cluck cluck cluck cluck ...

Sean: Just answer the question!

Jennifer: ... cluck cluck cluck ...

Sean: I think this just proves my point. And then you go making up words, like "twatlike." It's bad enough when you people change the meaning of words, but then you go making new stuff up completely? I bet you voted for John Kerry.

Jennifer: ...

Sean: Your glasses look like they're slipping a little. Let me help you out with that ...

Jennifer: ...

Sean: ...

Jennifer: ...

Sean: Wait a minute, you're just a giant chicken.

Jennifer: ...

Sean: Well, I gotta run. It looks like some prankster tried to trick me into interviewing a chicken. I guess Jennifer's interview will have to wait for when Sobek gets his computer back. In the mean time, let not your heart be troubled.

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