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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Official SobekPundit Blogger Interview: Are You Conservative?

Welcome to this week's Blogger Interview.

Okay, actually maybe I shouldn't really refer to this as a weekly thing anymore. Let me start that again.

Welcome to the Blogger Interview that I happen to writing right now, which is part of an irregular feature here at SobekPundit. This week, we have a special treat. I've invited Mrs. R of Are You Convervative? to come join us. She does this really funny bit where she does some kind of humorous post on a given topic, and then asks kind of a quiz afterwards, and the answers are pretty funny. I guess that's not too surprising, since she's married to John from Wuzzadem. Come to think of it, I bet only she's funny, and John steals everything from her. Yeah, I bet that's it.

Anyway, I like these Blogger Interview things, and I'm honored that Sobek asked me to take care of one this week. Apparently he's got some problems at home, or something. Frankly, unless it's a problem with GIANT FREAKIN' MANDIBLES GROWING OUT OF HIS HEAD, I'm not about to get all sympathetic for him or anything.

Was that introduction too long? I know it kind of wandered and stuff, and that it went on a bit longer than Sobek's introductions, but if you think about it, I had to introduce the guest and explain why I'm here and not Sobek. Right? So that means if this introduction is longer than most, it's not really my fault, you see.

Okay, I'm glad we've got that squared away.

Khepri: So, on to the questions. Thanks for joining us, Mrs. R, and I hope that ...

Mrs. R: ...

Khepri: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Audrey II, what did you do!?!

Mrs. R: Audrey II: ...

Khepri: You ate Mrs. R! Sobek's gonna kill me!!!

Audrey II: *burp*

Khepri: And I'm betting your husband is gonna be ticked off, too.




1. Whose fault is it that KhepriPundit let Mrs. R get eaten by a giant, alien plant best known from a musical starring Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, and some chick with a ridiculously high voice?

a) Mrs. R's fault. She knew the risks, and she can't blame her misfortunes on anyone else.
b) Khepri's fault, for failing to warn Mrs. R that Audrey II might eat her if she got too close.
c) Sobek's fault, for letting Khepri do the interview this week.
d) Regardless of the answer, John from Wuzzadem's probably going to de-link Sobek.

Conservative answer: That Mrs. R has a nice set of gams, know what I'm saying?

2. Did you know that Ellen Greene, who played Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, also did Mathilda's mother in The Professional?

Next Week:
I offer a sincere apology to John.