Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Monday, October 25, 2004

A Pack of Lies

It's hard to get interested enough in yet another Kerry lie to post a link to it, but when I have two in one day, that's more interesting. Let's just throw these on the teetering stack...

1. Everyone who reads Drudge already knows that Kerry lied when he said he met with the UN Security Council right after 9/11. Ace about sums up my attitude toward this revelation: "If we're less than excited by the story, it's largely just because we've come to expect Kerry to lie about matters big and small, trivial and grave."

Yep. If no one believes a word the man says, it's hard to get all shocked when he proves -once again - just how untrustworthy he is.

2. Boortz has an excerpt from the Weekly Standard. His permalinks don't seem to be working, so my link will be dead after 10/25 (unless he fixes his permalinks and I respond accordingly).

First he quotes Kerry's story from the debates about Charles de Gaulle not inspecting documents about the Cuban missile crisis because he trusted the word of the President. Then he cites the Weekly Standard's report (subscription required, which is why I'm not linking it):

"Sherman Kent was the CIA official who actually carried the photos into de Gaulle's office. De Gaulle did not wave them off. To the contrary, he examined them closely.

"Secondly: The purpose of Acheson's trip was not to 'build support.' It was to inform. De Gaulle's biographer says that the very first thing de Gaulle said to Acheson was 'I understand that you have not come to consult me, but to inform me.' Acheson replied 'that's correct.' So much for Kerry's rendition of the meeting. The meeting simply didn't happen as Kerry said. Hopefully you're not surprised.

"Here's the kicker from the Weekly Standard story. De Gaulle expressed concerns that Kennedy might actually be trying too hard to cultivate European and world support for what he had to do with Fidel and the missiles. Let's see what Kerry would say about that one!"

In other news, John Kerry slammed Bush during a campaign rally yesterday, by telling the story of how Ghenghis Khan got broad multilateral support from the Arab nations he was about to invade and destroy before ever setting foot in them. Also, the Soviet Union never fell, China is not a human rights violator, and before plate tectonics separated the continents, the Earth had one "supercontinent" known as "Scaramouche."

Politics are easy when you can just make crap up. Thanks, Senator Kerry.