Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday Morning Anecdote Round-up

First, the news you won't get anywhere else (unless you are in one of my classes) - there's a girl here with a bright red shirt that says "Democrat" on the front. No problem; everyone has a right to show support for their party. On the back, it says "I hate the electoral college."


Our stupid moron founding fathers screwed everything up by trying to devise a system whereby the chief executive would not be overly partial to his home state. What a bunch of punks. In case you needed any more proof that Democrats hate the Constitution unless they can use it to get their way, there you go.

And the annex to this story is something I've written before, but might as well mention again. At the beginning of this year, I called in to a liberal talk radio show. I don't remember the host's name, but he was certainly amiable, if woefully misguided. Anyhoo, he was talking about universal health care, and I called in and asked where in the Constitution anyone in the federal government was given power to provide health care. [Note: there is an answer to that question]. His response was "I don't want to get all hung up on that stuff."

Pardon me? We're discussing government policy and the actual text of the actual United States Constitution is annoyance that people get hung up on?!? Astounding.

Okay, one more related anecdote. Last semester in my Admiralty class, the professor was going through some Constitutional provisions and came across I.8.11 which says Congress has power to declare war. He paused, smiled and said "oh, Congress has the power to declare war" (snickers from the class) and then moved on. And I thought to myself (but did not say, because it was an Admiralty class, not a foreign policy or constitution class) that yes, Congress has power to declare war. I emphasize that the UN is nowhere given power to declare American wars in our Constitution. Think liberals care?