Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Friday, October 22, 2004

Blogger Apathy

Cameron Woods, over at Way Off Bass, introduced his latest post by mentioning his "blogger apathy."

I know exactly what he feels. Recently, Democrats were caught selling crack to get fraudulent voter registrations. I linked it with a sentence fragment and a picture of George Clinton. Teresa Heinz-Kerry made a comment which simultaneously insulted mothers, ignored important and easily veribfiable facts, and demonstrated her rank hypocrisy - and I didn't link it at all. Al Gore is lying to Floridians about election 2000. I didn't link it. Black "leaders" like Jesse Jackson are race-baiting in Florida, and also lying about election 2000. I didn't link it. Bill Clinton wants to be UN Secretary General, Iran is considering Europe's offer of nuclear technology in exchange for a promise not to use it, John Kerry dressed up like a hunter to score a few votes from gun enthusiasts, the 9th Circuit thinks animals should have the right to file lawsuits - and I didn't link it.

Cameron and I aren't the only ones. Ace is writing amusing 80s trivia quizzes. Allah has disappeared again (other than his two recent shots at the Yankees). Liberal Larry has been reduced to trying to scare his own grandmother out of voting Bush. The Commissar has been reduced to endless show trials to those who trackback to him (and I can't even milk the traffic, because I don't know how to trackback).

My Dicta articles now shift between annoyed screeds about Kerry/Democrat foibles and non-sense attempts at humor. It's just hard to get up anything like indignation these days. Seriously, if Democrats are freaking selling crack cocaine to get votes, what could shock me at this point? They've already announced that they will take this election by lawsuit if necessary, and invent "disenfranchisement" where it doesn't exist. Michael Moore has not been loudly denounced by the party. Democrats think shooting at GOP headquarters is a reasonable thing to do.

Don't get me wrong. I have perfect faith in the ability of the monumentally stupid to take things up even one or two notches higher. I believe that even the DNC selling crack can be outdone by someone sufficiently creative. But that's just the thing - this headlong rush to turn American politics into what it has become leaves me so disgusted, so jaded, so hollow, that when the next level is reached, I just don't think I'll have the energy to blog it. Or offer extensive commentary, anyway.

That said, here are some ideas for Dems who think they can do even better than selling crack for votes.
- Club a bunch of baby seals to death. Put their carcasses on the White House lawn. Yell loudly that Bush likes to club baby seals.
- If you work at a pharmacy, casually find out which old people are voting Bush. Fill their blood pressure medication prescriptions with salt tablets.
- Rape Laura Bush. Go on CBS and claim that Bush's failure to keep her safe means he actively supports rape (Cameron Diaz has already come close on this one, but it's not lurid enough without an actual Bush-hatred-motivated rape).
- Fly an airplane into a skyscraper in a major American metropolis. Blame Bush's lack of cultural sensitivity.
- Kidnap a bunch of orphans, and threaten to cut off one limb for every state that Bush wins.
- Harpoon a bunch of whales and make sure they wash up on the California coastline. Use harpoons that are monogrammed "GWB." Sue the President on behalf of the dead whales.

What, you don't think Dems will stoop to rape and mass murder? I never would have guessed they would stoop to selling crack for votes.

Meh. I'm spent. Back to my apathy.