Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Monday, February 14, 2005

What's Better than Taking First Place in a Caption Contest?

Taking first and second place.


Also, here's a t-shirt I think Ace would enjoy.

Also, if you are dating someone, don't click this link. But if you are either married or not dating, go for it. Dave has changed his background color to pink. I assume it's in honor of Valentine's Day, rather than to send some other message that I have not yet deciphered. But I'm working on it...

Also, Liberal Larry has a sophisticated break-down of the North Korea issue. Sample:

In 1994, it came to President Bill Clinton's attention that North Korea was
pursuing a nuclear weapons program. Knowing that a show of strength would earn
the North Koreans' respect, he sent Jimmy Carter to negotiate. Using his vast
experience in appeasing the Soviets, Iron Balls Carter quickly persuaded North
Korea to abandon their nuclear ambitions. In return for scrapping their nuclear
weapons programs, the U.S. would provide them with the means to build nuclear
weapons, along with millions of dollars in humanitarian aid so they wouldn't
have to divert any resources from their nuclear weapons programs in order to
feed the people. He further convinced North Korea that should they ever break
their promise and continue their nuclear weapons programs, neither side should
acknowledge it.

Then along comes Bush, messing with the status quo. My only problem with Larry's analysis is that he relies in part on an article by Bill Kristol, who, as I've previously documented, is a male stripper.