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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Official SobekPundit Blogger Interview: Oliver Willis

Welcome to this week's Blogger interview. Because the last three interviews were with conservatives, I thought it would be nice to balance things out a bit and bring in a liberal blogger. I was planning on Oliver Willis all week, but as it turns out, he's made a bit of a stir in the old 'sphere recently by accusing Ed Morrisey of racism, because Morissey referred to a black man as, among other things, "articulate."

Sobek: So, thanks for joining me, Oliver.

Oliver: Thanks for having me, Sobek.

Sobek: Uh, you can set that family size bucket of chicken on the coffee table, if you'd like.

Oliver: That's okay, I'll just keep it here in my lap.

Sobek: Anyway, as I mentioned in the introduction, you accused Ed Morrissey of racism. Tell me, is it now against common decorum for conservatives to compliment someone just because he's black?

Oliver: That's not the point, Sobek. If Ed calls Michael Steele "articulate," it implies that there's some reason Steele wouldn't be articulate, namely because he's black. It's all probably subconscious, but it's the truth.

Sobek: Would you like a napkin? You're getting milkshake all over your shirt.

Oliver: I'm good. Hand me that box of Twinkies, though, would you?

Sobek: Sure. But what I'm trying to get at is, that could hold true for any compliment, regardless of color. I mean, if just the other day Dave from Garfield Ridge mentioned that Powers Boothe's eyes are like limpid pools, does that mean he thinks all white people have ugly eyes?

Oliver: The thing is, Dave is a mmmmmmmmmmph ummmmmmmmmmmph mimmmph...

Sobek: I'm sorry, I didn't catch that last part. You just put an entire canteloupe in your mouth.

Oliver: Sorry about that. Can you help me open these bags of Funyuns? My fingers are all greasy.

Sobek: Look, I just think we do serious damage to political discourse when we reserve certain words of the English language for special interest groups ...

Oliver: Was that the doorbell? I'm expecting some pizzas.

Sobek: I didn't hear anything.

Oliver: Okay, well when you hear it, can you go get it for me? I'm a little short of breath.

Sobek: Oliver, are you actually getting a cardiovascular workout from eating that taco platter?

Oliver: Yeah, my heart rate's up a little. I hope you don't mind if I sweat all over your couch.

Sobek: I was planning on burning it after you left, anyway.

Oliver: Hey, do you have a spoon I can use?

Sobek: I, uh, have some spoons, but I'd rather not loan you one if you're going to use it to eat that can of Crisco.

Oliver: Rethuglican.

Sobek: What?

Oliver: Nothing. Where's that pizza?

Sobek: I'm sure it will get here soon. Let's move on, okay? Now, I understand you're actually paid to spout liberal talking points by the hard-Lefty Media Matters.

Oliver: Hey, that wheelbarrow full of Ding Dongs you just saw me eat didn't pay for itself.

Sobek: I see. Well it's just that in a disturbing number of your posts, you don't really add any content of your own. For example, in your top post today, while criticizing FEMA director Michael Brown, you wrote all of twenty-nine words, and then quoted five paragraphs from someone else.

Oliver: So?

Sobek: So, I can't help but wonder if Media Matters is, you know, getting its money's worth.

Oliver: What are you insinuating? And can you pass those riblets over here?

Sobek: What's that rumbling sound?

Oliver: Oh, crap...

Sobek: What? Are you okay?

Oliver: Oh, I don't like how that feels...

Sobek: What's going on? Are you all right?

Oliver: ...

Sobek: ...

Oliver: Don't worry, I'll be okay.

Sobek: I, uh ...

Oliver: And it's not like it ever affects my writing, you know? By the way, is there some reason you used this picture of me in my Washington Redskins shirt?

Sobek: I'm sure it was just a coincidence.

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