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Monday, February 05, 2007

A Message from Harry Reid

I'm not sure how I ended up on Harry Reid's mailing list, but there you have it. Let's see what my esteemed Senator has to say about things.

"Dear Sobek,"

That makes me giggle. The most powerful Democrat in the country is addressing an ancient Egyptian crocodile.

"There are very few men and women in America who believe the Iraq war is not worthy of debate. They are the Republican Members of the United States Senate. Today, they did our country a grave disservice."

They refused to debate the Iraq war? That's horrible!

"Republicans in the Senate voted to tie the hands of Congress and block a debate on the war in Iraq."

Wait a second. Apparently we've got different ideas about the word "debate." I see debate as the exchange of ideas in an attempt to persuade. Reid thinks the word debate means passing non-binding resolutions to undermine a sitting President in a time of war, without having the stones to actually try to intervene in the war.

"By voting against a real debate on Iraq, Republicans voted in favor of the President's plan to escalate the war. Numerous Republican Senators are on the record opposing this escalation. Do these Republicans stand with the President or do they stand with the American people?"

The American peope are retards, sir. They think America lost the Tet offensive. They think that 3,000 American casualties is comparable to Vietnam. There's a reason the Constitution was drafted to give the Executive the sole power to conduct war, and that's because the framers had the foresight to realize you can't wage war by polls.

"Help me send a message to Republicans in the Senate. Tell them: Stop blocking debate on escalating the war in Iraq - let's have an up or down vote on the President's plan."

Uh, does anyone else see the irony in a Democrat demanding an up or down vote on something? Let's go ask all of Bush's judicial nominees what they think about the merits of an up or down vote.

What a tool.

Does Reid seriously think no one remembers that just a few years ago he voted against "debate" by supporting unprecedented judicial filibusters?

"Senate Republicans are obstructing the very change Americans demanded last November."

Interesting take on that election, Senator. Here's the thing: in 2004, Dems tried to make the election a referendum on the War. They were soundly smoked. They were crushed. They were humiliated. So then in 2006, when Dems take back Congress, they suddenly decide that 2004 didn't count, and 2006 was the real referendum on the war. That, in spite of messages from Reid about how people needed to vote Dem because of Republican corruption, because of Republican ethics, because of Mark Foley, etc.

Hey, I guess you make of your statistics what you will.

"This was the first time they had the opportunity to debate this war, but it will not be the last. Democrats will not back down or let this issue fade away. The consequences of inaction are far too dire."

The consequences of inaction? You're trying to pass a freakin' non-binding resolution. You can't tell me with a straight face you consider that "action." Look, if you oppose the war, man up enough to do something about it. Don't pretend that a non-binding resolution constitutes serious action, and then hope to be taken seriously.

"55,492 of you signed our "No Escalation - No Way" petition."

Maybe that's because they didn't realize you were for escalation before you were against it. As in, a couple of days before you were against it. No matter -- why waste a good chance to bash the President?

And I get a real kick out of the insinuation that 55,000 is a lot of people.

"I read through many of your comments. They were thoughtful and heartfelt, expressing concern for our troops and our nation. Especially touching were the pleas from the parents of soldiers currently serving in Iraq. One of them wrote: 'My son is a Marine and has been in Iraq 11 months . . . Let him come home and out of harms way. Don't make him serve another term.'"

So does that mean the guy is in Iraq against his will? That he was drafted and dragged, kicking and screaming, to Iraq? That's wierd, because the only people to propose a draft in Congress in the past 30 years or so have been Democrats.

Still, I can't say I disagree with the sentiment. Show us what you're made of, Harry. Don't give us this non-binding resolution crap. Let your liberal freak-flag fly. Vote the way you really want -- to cut and run and force America into capitulation in the face of a fanatical enemy that wants us all dead -- and see what that does to your political future.

More: Note that Reid is complaining that Republicans want to stifle debate by refusing to allow a vote. Here's a link to Reid in 2005, arguing that Republicans wanted to stifle debate by trying to force a vote.

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