Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jews to the Rescue

For some time now, I've despaired of America's ability to take the threat of radical Islam (and especially nuclear-armed radical Islam) seriously. Americans simply don't have the stomach for the fight, and the jihadis obviously do. This situation won't be fixed unless (a) Iraq transforms into an indisputably perfect paradise, and quickly, or (b) a nuke goes off in Boston, and it can be traced beyond any doubt to Tehran. The first won't happen (it has to be "indisputable" because if the media can spin it as a failure, it will sap our national will no matter how good the situation is, and no country on earth is that indisputably successful), and the second will be too late. And even if an American city goes up in flames, while many Americans will blame the jihadis who set off the device, many different Americans will blame Bush.

So I've wondered if maybe our friends the Jews could help us out. After all, they've got far more skin in this game than Americans (or rather, than Americans realize they have), a history of killing people who need killin', and possibly the means to do so. Plus they don't have any compunction about bucking international opinion, because the international opinion people tend to be of the opinion that maybe Hitler should have done a better job of things.

Along those lines, I've speculated about Israeli airstrikes on Iranian nuke facilities. I'm not too worried about hardened targets, because in the war between munitions and armor, munitions will always eventually win. I'm not worried about the nuke program being scattered, because if you need pieces A, B, C and D to make a nuclear weapon, and someone blows up piece C, what difference does it make that you still have A, B and D? At the very least, you buy yourself enough time to go drop another round of bombs. But there are serious logistics problems -- Israel can't fly a plane to Tehran and back, and borrowing someone else's airstrip is problematic when Iran is surrounded on all sides by Muslims. The logistics problems have caused me to despair of Israel solving a problem America lacks the cojones to solve.

But then they go and do something like this. Mossad is poisoning their scientists? That's what I get for doubting the power of the evil Jew death rays.