Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Discussion Topic:

Which state has the biggest loons in the federal government?

River Rat (from Michigan) and kobekko (from California) seem to disagree on that point in the comment to this post. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich) obviously has no idea how ridiculous she looked standing beside that sign today, but other than that, when's the last time anyone outside of Michigan even heard her name? River Rat's also got Carl Levin, and that's some pretty serious ammo, but I don't know if he can go toe-to-toe with the combined forces of pure, consistent idiocy that is Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein.

Obviously Massachusetts has to be mentioned in this post. The combined idiocy-power of Kerry and Kennedy could power a city block for a week. And New York is clearly in the running, with Clinton and Schumer. Delaware's got a strong contender with Joe Biden, but I've never heard of Tom Carper, so Delaware takes a hit. Hawai'i has a couple of Dems, Inouye and Akaka, but you never hear much from them so I don't think they're finalists. Illinois has to be mentioned, with Dick Durbin and Barak Osam Os Osama Osam Obama. But most of Obama's charm is in the media's fawning over him, more than his personal lunacy. Louisiana's Mary Landrieu proved herself a total moron after Hurricane Katrina, but she has wisely shut up since then (actually, she spoke out against an Alito filibuster), and Louisiana also has David Vitter (R), so Louisiana is disqualified. Nevada has Reid, who would be an incredibly strong contender, except that the state also has John Ensign. So Nevada's not on the list. Vermont has two strong candidates, with Pat Leahy and Jim Jeffords. A pox on West Virginia for sending us Robert Byrd, but I don't know anything about John Rockefeller. Wisconsin definitely makes the cut, with Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl.

Okay, now here's my list of finalists:
New York

I don't think I can choose a winner from that crowd, so in the spirit of true liberalism, I'll just declare them all winners, and let them go eat paste until naptime.