Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Odds & Ends

I'm running on empty, so I'll just throw out a few comments.

1. Nevada governor Kenny Guinn just made Time Magazine's list of top 5 governors. That's all well and good, but the subtitle to the story says "Time praises him for spearheading unpopular tax hike." Great. Not only did he raise taxes, but he did it against the wishes of his citizens. Yippee.

Actually, there's a Nevada Supreme Court case about this, because Guinn sued the state legislature to get them to pass a budget. That there was a lawsuit in the first place it utterly ridiculous, and the Supreme Court's ruling on the case is even more so.

Oh, and the worst governor? Louisiana's own Kathy "Babs" Blanco.

2. Also in Nevada politics, the state's GOP head has urged a former state controller not to run for elected office again, after she was impeached and convincted of ethics violations. While I doubt any of you care about such an obscure politician, what I find interesting is that Nevada blogger No Gibbons is actually castigating the Republicans for asking her not to run.

I guess it's the same impulse that drives conservatives to smile when Howard Dean says something stupid.

3. I like this kind of list. Dave from Garfield Ridge has a link to the 100 worst album covers of all time. Ah, the seventies. How could we stay mad at you?

4. Comic book guy proves himself more adept at interviews than I would have expected. Great, John from WuzzaDem's totally stealing my bit.

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6. Ace needs two links today: this document dump has a long list of interesting subjects, and this one lets us all laugh a little harder at Ted Kennedy. And really, shouldn't we all be laughing a little harder at Ted Kennedy?

7. My senior Senator continues the push for President Bush to promise not to pardon Scooter Libby, if he's convicted. No word yet on his opinion about Bill Clinton's pardoning FALN murderers to help his wife's election campaign. I assume he'll have something soon.

8. Robbo the Llamabutcher thinks the current group-hissy-fit being spearheaded by Harry Reid has no traction, and he cites ... Hillary Clinton? He makes a good case.

9. Speaking of the above-referenced hissy-fit, Goldstein explores the justifications for said hissy-fit.

10. Finally, no, I'm not going to try posting anything funny or thought-provoking tonight. I'm going to go read Southeast Asia: Past and Present by D.R. SarDesai.