Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Wednesday, January 26, 2005



Thanks so much to Fat Kid, I now have the Arab version of a cowbell. Nothing conveys the idea of good news quite like firing a weapon into the air.

Now I need to be clear about the significance of the Happy Jihadi.

A police siren can be either a good thing (a bad guy is about to get arrested and, possibly, raped in prison) or a bad thing (my house is on fire). Drudge uses the siren simply to convey the idea of "something very important is happening, or else I'm just jumping the gun on something!!!"

A cowbell is either a boring thing (it doesn't seem to serve much of an actual function when hung around the neck of a cow), or a good thing (for example, the last link to this post). Ace (and others) uses the cowbell to signal good economic news.

So we see that the symbols we use, absent some kind of context, can send mixed messages unless properly clarified. Of course, in any context a happy Arab can reasonably be expected to shoot into the air. The only question is whether it's a happy jihadi, or an evil jihadi. Mine is a happy jihadi. I will use Happy Jihadi to indicate that there is incredibly good news for those Arabs who have no particular desire to see me, personally, die a horrible death.

Thanks, Happy Jihadi!