Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Blogspot Link Roundup

Every once in a while I use the "Next Blog" feature on BlogSpot to see what else is going on in the wacky 'sphere. I found this one, and I'll update as my surfing progresses.

Lee Horn II has the handy Sponge Bob Square Pants drinking game. For the record, my wife is a huge fan of SpongeBob. You'll never get her to admit this, though. She's always saying "I hate that stupid show" and "you couldn't drag me to that stupid movie kicking and screaming" and "if you love me at all you'll never mention that stupid cartoon ever again." But secretly I know she likes it, and would watch it if we had a television.

Update: Wow, blogger is really quite disappointing today. Seems like most of the things I come across are tributes to Japanese cartoons or written in Spanish. When I feel like taking the time I can muddle my way through Spanish, but I usually don't.

Here's a delightful little blog, update about once every other week, in which a very liberal writer offers the following profound insight into the religious mind:

"I know what these folks like about Christianity, though, and it's rather unfortuneately the same things they liked about it as children: it's simple and makes you feel self-righteous, takes up very little time for the protection it offers, and, after you've lived a life that would have whole villages across the world chasing you with torches and axes, lets you take a "king's X" at the last minute and still be saved so long as you can get yourself to muster up a bit of enthusiasm for the idea that Jesus was the son of God (heck, aren't we all!) and that's easy enough to do for people who are used to reconciling their Christianity with all sorts of behavior that would have Jesus' knickers in a twist in short order."

Ah, with that kind of depth of understanding, assuredly our informant can offer us some insight into how Jesus really feels about Iraq, right? You don't have to wait long:

"Because Jesus is more worked up about Janet Jackson's breast than the other body parts strewn obscenely across sidewalks, walls and intersections in Fallujah, right?"

Pray tell, are you referring to the hundreds of murderers whose body parts are so strewn by the U.S. Marines, or to the hundreds of thousands of innocents tortured and shot by Saddam Hussein? And what do you think of UN envoy Stephen Lewis's remark (in a different context) about "mass murder by complacency"? Does America have a duty to stop mass-murderers?

But considering that she doesn't believe that Bush won the election, I doubt she'll be willing to do anything so gauche as apply critical thinking or consistency to her blogging. Pity, that.