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Monday, September 06, 2004

Free-floating Cadre of Rightist Warriors

Via Nick Kronos, someone at the Miami Herald doesn't realize he's making a fool of himself.

"It's hard now even to write for publication without being uncomfortably aware of just how thoroughly what you say is going to be inspected for any trace of undesirable political tilt and denounced by a free-floating cadre of rightist warriors."

Note carefully the unstated assumptions that betray just where Ed Wasserman is coming from. First, the only members of the free-floating cadre who inspect the news for hints of policitcal tilt are "rightists." In other words, leftists do no such thing. Second, and as a corrollary to the first, the only people who must fear criticism are leftists. That is, unless Wasserman thinks rightist journalists have to worry about rightits commentators calling them out for being too far to the right. Somehow, I don't think that's Wasserman's intent.

So here we have it, the epic struggle defined. The media - which is liberal - is now afraid of "free-floating warriors" - who are conservative.

Here's some advice for Wasserman. If the media weren't so eggregiously biased to the left, the phenomenon of volunteer rightist critics might be so wholly useless that it would exist. But because you, and others like you, don't even realize how biased you are (as evidenced by the above quotation), and as the media has no inherent bias controls, the volunteer army of free-floating warriors (and leftists do it too, I might add) is necessary to keep you and your socialist comrades from turning American press into Russian press (which today admitted that it flat-out lied about the severity of the hostage crisis).

All the adjectives that spring immediately to mind to describe Wasserman's "work" would get me in trouble with my wife, so I'll just end this now.