Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Saturday, September 04, 2004

World's Most Disappointing Update

This morning I read an opinion column by Paul "I'm Permanently High on Crack" Krugman, and I got all fired up to give him the fisking of his lifetime. But I'm having internet "issues" at home, so I came to school to use the free wireless. I assumed I would be able to find Krugman's column on-line, and it looks like I assumed wrong.

So since I don't have the full text of the column in front of me, I'll have to put off the thorough fisking and just hit on one point. I know you're all disappointed. Don't worry, it's coming.

Krugman claims that right-wing pundits were "tut-tutting" the vitriol from the left, and that they looked "in vain" to see examples of outrageous behavior from the protestors in New York City.

How deep is that cave of yours, Paul?

This is what you get when your primary source of information is your own imagination, I guess. Not that I expect Krugman reads blogs, but GOP and the City has some good stuff here, here, here, and here. Allah tips to this little beauty. (Note: I'm not linking everything Allah does - there's just too much). Rusty has my favorite. We're on to you, Krugman!

Now to be fair, I should admit that maybe Krugman does view as "outrageous" beating a cop unconscious, public nudity, obstruction of justice, pouring water on people with whom you disagree, comparing Bush to Hitler, or a bona fide belief that the government is using rays to infiltrate your brain. Maybe that's the kind of thing Krugman is really into. Who knows. But for those of us who don't wear tin foil hats, I think there's more than enough outrageous behavior to satisfy the pundits. Incidentally, the Republicans could have solved the whole problem by simply forcing all protestors into concentration camps, which was the Democrats' solution.