Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

IntegrityWatch: 2005

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me no great pleasure to do this. But it is my solemn duty, as a CITIZEN JOURNALIST, to seek out the truth, no matter what the cost. Yet there are some bloggers, so blinded by partisan goals, so lax in their duties to inform the public after rigorous and multi-layered fact-checking, that the only way to save their honor is to demand that they resign from blogging.

Ace of Spades is just such a blogger.

Today, Ace had the unmitigated gall to write the sentence: "For the love of everything holy, do you think the government gives a rat's ass that you've read all of the Elfstone of Shannara books?" He did this, even though it is a verifiable fact that he was implying the series was named after the Elfstones, when it was only the second book in the series that had that name! And he called it "Elfstone" instead of "Elfstones"!

Terry Brooks must be spinning in his grave.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must not let the truth stand hostage to the likes of Mr. Of Spades. The clock will tick on the official SobekPundit IntegrityWatch: 2005 banner until we get a full apology, and Ace vows never to show his face on the internet again. This is worse than the time Dan Rather tried to pass amateurish forgeries off on the public; worse than the time Eason Jordan made unsubstantiated claims about U.S. troops in a war zone during a time of war; worse than the time Brit Hume said something with which Oliver Willis disagreed! I'd even go so far to say that Ace, with his relentless propaganda machine, is worse than Hitler.

So inundate him with hateful e-mails! Spam his comments! Take his mother out for a nice buffet dinner, and then never call her again! This will not stand!

Update: Thanks to Dave from Garfield Ridge and John from Wuzzadem for helping spread the word about the depths to which Ace is willing to sink. Check the main page for continuing updates as Ace continues his war against the truth.