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Monday, August 08, 2005

Mauritania Update

There's not much to update, really. The military seems intent on scoring irony points by promising to rule democratically after, you know, seizing power undemocratically. isn't even putting Mauritania headlines on its home page - you have to go searching for info if you're interested. Also, it looks like CNN only has one picture of ousted President Maaoya Sid'Ahmed Ould Taya. That, or he only likes to be photographed in one pose.

The state-controlled Agence mauritanienne d'information loads extremely slowly, prompting me to wonder, quite seriously, whether it's possible that the government's official news outlet is on a dial-up modem. The Agence is reporting that the local populace supports the new government (sorry, no permalink, but the article is entitled "Les expressions de soutien continuent en faveur du CMJD"). Continuing along the irony theme, the article quotes the Association of Mauritanian Statisticians: "The taking root in the country of a true democracy and real justice is of the nature to cause peace and prosperity to reign in Mauritania; adhere to, support and sustain the Military Counsel for Justice and Democracy [CMJD] for the realization of its commitments to the Mauritanian people" (translation mine; pardon the poor style).

Yes, true democracy. Whether you like it or not. 'Cause we're the freakin military. And we seized power. Sure. Pardon me if I'm somewhat skeptical of the reliability of a government-owned website run by the army guys who just seized it.

You stay classy, Nouakchott