Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Woot! Ace of Spades on the Radio!

Ace will be on the radio in Stanford. I'll be liveblogging, in case anyone cares. Not that my liveblogging should make him nervous, or anything.

Right now they're playing music, all of which sucks. It's a college radio station, so they don't have to suck - apparently their doing it of their own free will. Ace, be careful. It might be a trap.

Update: they moved from crappy psychedelia to crappy punk, and now they're playing an anti-Bush song. It's a trap!

Update: the anti-Bush band was called "Noodle Muffin." Classy. I bet they are well-schooled in foreign policy. Fat Kid says they even mentioned the Illuminati, but I didn't hear it. I guess he's a bigger Noodle Muffin fan than I am.

Update: In Ace's comments, Jeff B. says, "you could do nothing during your time on the air except offer strangled moans and off-mike gurgles, and you'd be more professional and competent than whoever the dudes were who did the lead-in show."

Agreed, but he wouldn't be more German than the lead-in show guys. That was one sweet ol' accent.

Update: Everyone but Ace needs to shut up right now. Wait a sec, this is just a bunch of freakin law students. Nobody cares what law students have to say! What is this demonry?

Update: Ace is a "lonely boy," if the theme music is to be trusted. One of the people there called him one of the big boys of the blogosphere. They can't seem to get him on the phone. Suck. See Jeff B's comments, above.

Update: deeper voice than I expected. Still having technical issues. They were playing Paul Anka just for Ace's benefit. Someone did their homework.

Question 1: Where's Joe?

Answer: It's a zen question.

Question 2: from "fat kid," who's your main blogging inspiration, other than Andrew Sullivan?

Answer: Steven den Beste, but he's too shallow to be influenced by den Beste, so he wants to be more like Drudge and Instapundit, but with humor. Stop it with the self-deprecation crap! He finds that glib sarcasm is easier than hard work.

Question: Did you have a really good put-down of Dan Rather?

Answer: He can't remember, but "if man ever landed on the moon, Rather would like to break that story."

[My connection isn't great, so I'm not getting all of this].

Now the guy is asking Elliot about his blog. Who cares about Elliot? We're here for ACE! He calls his blog a chick magnet. Hasn't gotten this much attention since he was president of the Mork and Mindy fan club. Ace sounds good; nice and relaxed. Keeping the hosts laughing, which isn't too surprising.

Update: Question: What's up with the blue bracelets?

Answer: Wearing one's politics on one's sleeves (literally). He points out the personal investment that liberals have that conservatives don't seem to have.

Update: I have an idea: let's invite a popular blogger on the radio and then ignore him.

Update: Why do you keep anonymous?

Answer: blogging was super-dorky when I first started. First D&D reference! Yes!

He says it would be fun to work with Michael Moore. Clearly, this isn't really Ace.

One of the hosts just compared Michael Moore's People's Choice Award with a "World's Greatest Grandpa" mug. Nice. The best non-Ace comment so far.

Update: now someone (not Ace) is talking about obnoxious people in movie theaters. And what's the deal with airline peanuts?

"Speaking of Michael Moore, I hear the EU is proud of their newest super jumbo."

Update: Ace trashes the New York Times, but he practically has to beat everyone else into the ground to get some air time. What is with these morons?

Update: We just got a Full Metal Jacket reference, but not a single mention of Cowbell.

Update: If, like me, you thought they were about to ask Ace another question, instead of yammering on about stupid things, then we were both wrong together.

Update: Question: Is John Kerry a drunken bear?

Answer: Who can say? (Heh). If you don't understand the reference, shame on you.

Now these boneheads won't shut up while Ace is talking? He had some great stuff, and no one could hear it.

Worst. DJs. Ever.

They're ripping into the UN, which is all well and good. The problem is that any fool can rip into the UN, but only a complete fool does so instead of letting Ace do it. What a travesty.

Question: Right is right, and left is wrong. Do you really believe that?

Answer: (He can't really hear anyone else, so that's why he's not engaging in the banter). Yes, he does believe that.

Question: Who does want to negotiate with people who want to kill us? Is that really a charge you can level at the left?

Answer: If you listen to them, that's exactly what they're saying. We need to understand why they hate us, etc. Chris Matthews asked straight out, "can we negotiate with bin Laden?"

Update: We as Americans won't be free until Tavis Smiley gets million-dollar endorsements. Good line.

Question: Are they being too hard on Prince Harry?

Answer: It was pretty outrageous. He can't get away with wearing Nazi insignia.

Good question: What if Harry had been wearing a Che Guevarra outfit? And Dave from Garfield Ridge got a mention! Sweet! Dave says you can get away with dressing like an SS officer because black is slimming.

Conclusion: They're playing more Paul Anka, for Ace of Spades fans. HAHAHA! They guys get shirts, and sorry about all the loose, er, "stuff." "You're the only one on stage"? Way to mangle that quote, bonehead.

By the time the show ended, Ace had 195 comments on his pre-show thread. Feel the love, man.