Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Sunday, January 16, 2005

US Conducting Secret Reconnaissance Missions in Iran

Good. For three reasons:

1. It means we might be serious about Iran, which is a country that we need to take seriously. Their aggressive pursuit of nuclear weapons is only matched by European naivete' regarding their agressive pursuit of said weapons.

2. It means that if we do strike Iran, we will hopefully have good intel. Because I have no hatred for Iranians, I would only be happy with an operation that minimizes casualties on all sides, while effectively reducing Iran's capacity to wage war. A few well-placed cruise missiles could knock out military installations without unneccessary destruction, but only if we know where to put those missiles.

3. Iranians read American newspapers, so they know we are spying on them (assuming they didn't before). Sometimes the effect of a limited leak is immeasurably greater than keeping the information close. If we can spook the Iranian government into paranoid speculation about what we know, that gives us a powerful psychological weapon against them.

Iran has a proud history, magnificent culture, and a warm and friendly people. I wish them nothing but happiness, peace and freedom. I don't think they have peace or freedom as long as they live under their mullocracy, and for their benefit I hope things change for the better. I would prefer non-violent change, but sometimes that's simply not going to happen. I would also prefer change before the mad mullahs lobs a nuke somewhere.