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Monday, May 01, 2006

Immigration Protests Across the Nation

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"Hundreds of thousands flooded the streets today, as part of a massive boycott and protest of American immigration policy."

"The protests were scheduled to coincide with deliberation in the House of Representatives over a bill designed to toughen the borders, while providing a 'path to citizenship' for illegal aliens already present in the country."

"Miguel Arroyo, one of the protest organizers, called the proposed legislation 'racist,' and 'an affront to America's immigrant heritage.'"

"The bill has drawn fire from both Republicans and Democrats. Conservative opponents of the bill see it as yielding too much sovreignty, without any meaningful tightening of the borders or increased security."

"Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, however, has threatened to veto any legislation that omits the controversial 'path to citizenship' regulations."

"Another prominent booster of the bill, Republican John McCain, has been increasingly criticized for working on compromise legislation with Senator Edward Kennedy."

"Meanwhile, while the protests were heavily attended, observers noted that the actual economic impact of the boycotts was minimal."

"Others have noted that, while earlier protests featured more Mexican flags than American, or else American flags flown upside-down or mutilated, today's protests involved American flags almost exclusively."

"The White House defended its support for the bipartisan legislation, claiming that the compromises were both politically and economically necessary."

In other news, the Dow Jones Industrial took a sharp upturn on news that...


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