Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sorry, No Posting Again

Very busy at work, very tired at home. Which is a shame, because my traffic is through the roof. But since most of it is just headed to my Piss Muhammad post, without sticking around, I guess it doesn't make much difference.

Okay, I'll mention one topic.

It's official: Jack Carter (Jimmy the Dhimmi's son) wants to be My Next US Senator. Yippee. Let me sum up the reasons why this is good news. 1. Unintentional comic hilarity. 2. As long as Jimmah's in town stumping for his son, he won't be in, say, Venezuala, performing figurative oral sex on Hugo Chavez. 3. He'll probably lose to Ensign, which means he won't be an elected official until at least the next campaign. 4. Even if he wins, it would effectively guarantee that we'll never see another Carter in the White House, because Americans don't elect Senators to the Presidency.

"'I didn't know there were this many people in Northern Nevada, particularly Democrats,' he quipped to the crowd gathered near the Legislative Building."

Yeah, nice "quip." I'm sure everyone in Reno, Carson City, Winnemucca and Elko will be thrilled to know that their would-be Senator cares enough about them to determine that yes, they actually exist. With that kind of political acumen, it's a wonder we haven't heard from Carter Jr. before now.

He's got his libertarian attitude firmly established: "Carter said it's up to Nevadans, who will vote on a referendum to legalize the drug in November, to decide whether to regulate pot.
'I don't care, frankly,' he said."

On Iraq: "In his speech, he said the war in Iraq has been 'one faulty political judgment after another, followed by brilliant military expeditions by our troops.' 'We have a responsibility to the Iraqi citizens to leave them with a stable government.'"

Nice that he's at least paying lip-service to the idea of freedom (something his father seems physically incapable of doing), but it's pretty disingenuous to suggest that the political transformation we're seeing over there is entirely the product of the U.S. military, with no foreign policy props to the guy who decided to send them there in the first place. Also, I wonder what Jack's attitude is towards letting the Persian shah collapse and an insane Ayatollah taking Americans hostage. No word on that just yet.

Here's my favorite line from the article: "Jimmy Carter lost in Nevada in both presidential campaigns. In 1980, he failed to win a single county, Herzik said."

My adopted home is awesome.

More: An editorial view from a Review-Journal writer. She actually suggests that the failure of the union shop -- where Carter announced his candidacy -- to supply Carter with a working microphone actually bodes well for the Democrats.

As I said, unintentional hilarity.