Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Another Update, Random Thoughts and Observations

1. The internet situation has been resolved to my satisfaction. But blogging will continue to be anywhere from light to non-existent because I work all day and go to class all night, with about three hours per day to play with my kids. That means the blog is pretty low on the priority list, until the bar exam at the end of July.

2. Not that it matters, because my traffic is now exclusively generated by what I assume is an automated Google search. I seriously doubt I'm getting 50 people per day searching for "Mr. Potato Head" and "Armpit."

3. Question for the classic rock D.J.s here in Vegas: Uh, R.E.M. is classic rock, now?

4. 106 degrees? What was I thinking?

5. "Bang bang, shoot 'em up, the party never ends." Skid Row is in concert, with Slaughter. An eighties hair-metal dream come true. Vegas is where rock comes to die.

6. Speaking of rock, the new System of a Down album is getting rave reviews. These guys keep their music so tight it's amazing, but then Serge has to screw it all up with the most ridiculous voice in all of rock. Also, the lyrics suggest he's not too bright. For example: "Why don't presidents fight the war?" Because we want to win the war, you moron.

7. According to CNN, "Suspense builds before big French vote." (That's how the link phrases it, not the headline). What's your source here, guys? While it's true and indisputable that there is, in fact, a big French vote coming up, on what basis do you claim that there's any suspense involved? Suspense requires that people care.

8. Memo to Tom DeLay: just because the "scandal" you've recently seem to have avoided was utterly baseless doesn't mean you should start making an ass of yourself.

9. Did Dave just imply that he knows what it's like to spoon with Skeletor?