Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Math Geek Blogging

Ace has a post here about a probability-based riddle that has, as of this writing, generated 74 comments, some of them quite heated.

And another post here that has, as of this writing, generated 43 comments (with less arguing).

Given that, I've decided I need to change formats. There is absolutely nothing in this world so glorious as a knock-down, drag-out fight by math geeks over probability theory. If I can make that part of my blog, I will have arrived. The only trick is, I don't know any riddles that aren't painfully obvious, so ... um ... okay here's a good one:

What number am I thinking of? It's between one and 50.

Click here for a hint that only the geeks out there will get.

Also, Fat Kid has a link to a fun quiz. He got a 96% and I got a 93% so I'm never going to link him ever again. That'll teach you an important lesson.