Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Liveblogging the National Election

This post (to be updated throughout the day) is for national stuff, the previous for Louisiana only.

Drudge already reports shenanigans in Pennsylvania. It looks like a few thousand votes were already on the machines before the polls opened. No permalink on that one.

Update: FoxNews' homepage says Bush is off to a good start in New Hampshire, where the nation's first two villages have closed their polls. In Hart's Location, it's Bush 16, Kerry 14, Nader 1. In Dixville Notch, it's 19 Bush and 7 Kerry.

I suspect that if you live in Hart's Location, you know the name of every single person who voted Bush, everyone who voted Kerry, and that one guy who voted Nader.

Update: Here's the permalink to the Drudge story. Unsurprisingly, Dems deny it. But then again, they also sell crack.

Also from Drudge: In another linkless item, it looks like you'll be waiting 2 hours to vote in New York. Not that it will make a difference, but that's good news for Bush, because Republicans tend to be a little more tenacious, and a two hour wait can't be fun.

In New Jersey, a school was evacuated when a white powder was found on the floor. It turned out to be salt. Via Command Post.

Update: CNN is makes the following calls (as of 6:42 p.m.) : Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, W. Va. all go to Bush, Vermont goes to Kerry, and insufficient information from N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Ohio and Virginia.

Republicans pick up a Senate seat in Georgia and hold on to a seat in Ohio, Democrats hold on to seats in Indiana and Vermont.

Also, Wolf Blitzer is interviewing DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe and asked whether he's seen any hooliganism. McAuliffe says no. Then he asks a Republican (Ed Gillespie?) who mentions numerous incidents of voter intimidation, for example from McAuliffe stands by his thugs. Way to support the troops!