Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Clarence Thomas Update

Thanks to Jason Reddish, who pointed me to this article on Clarence Thomas being considered as Chief Justice last August.

Here's my favorite bit:

"Thomas likes NASCAR and football, plays a fierce game of basketball and during the court's summer recess tours the nation in a 40-foot mobile home decorated with orange flames, Foskett wrote."

I never would have guessed it.

More interesting Clarence Thomas tidbits I didn't know until just now:

10. Credited as co-writer of Big Daddy Kane's Pimpin Ain't Easy.
9. Denies rumors that the purple Teletubby is gay, but has his suspicions about the yellow one.
8. Is a frequent reader of SobekPundit; calls it "intellectual slumming" or "cerebral down time."
7. Personally ordered the assault on Fallujah; said "screw the Constitution, I'm in charge around here."
6. In 1997, authored the majority opinion in the controversial case of Lawyers v. Justice, upholding a state law permitting lawyers to hold clients by the ankles, shake vigorously, and collect any loose change that falls out. [That was a good day for us - ed.]
5. Once said that context-free Photoshops involving Metroid and Super Mario Bros. are a "ripping good laugh."
4. Hopes the Scott Peterson trial gets appealed up to the Supreme Court so he can personally throw spitballs at Mark Geragos.
3. Prefers Coke to Pepsi.
2. Has publicly wondered whether the Chief Justice "can order that doorknob Souter to go on fact-finding missions to Podunk, Wyoming during hearings," just to keep him from fouling things up.

And the top interesting Clarence Thomas tidbit I didn't know until just now:

1. He's actually not black, he's Asian.

Seen here in a photo from his years in the "Devil's Advocates" biker gang.