Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Monday, October 11, 2004

Kerry's Stupid Statement of the Week

Sometimes it's a toss-up, but over the week-end Kerry made it pretty easy to pick one. It's from this article from the New York Times magazine (registration required, but don't bother clicking the link, unless you're bulemic and want some method of inducing vomiting, other than the touch-your-hangy-downy-thing method). Actually, "article" isn't the right word. It's more of a hymn. If I weren't so violently ill, I'd be tempted to start sacrificing small animals to Mr. Kerry, "his long legs carrying him calmly down the steps, his neck craning toward the sky, as if he were watching a gathering rainstorm. His face and demeanor appear unworried." It goes on like that for eleven pages. That's right, eleven pages. You've been warned. Don't click that link.

Let me just pick out some highlights.

First, from the quoted portion above, that's supposed to be a description of Mr. Kerry on 9/11, 2001, afflicted by the tragedy, yet somehow rising above it. The same Mr. Kerry who criticized the President (following Michael Moore's dishonest lead) for hesitating for seven minutes after he heard the news. The same Mr. Kerry who previously admitted he waited a good 45 minutes, himself, totally awestruck and unable to act. Yeah, that guy. Good job of reconstructing history, bud.

Second, in the sidebar of the article are two completely ridiculous pictures. How ridiculous?

This ridiculous.

Under the pictures we find two captions, quoted here in full:

"Taking Sides: Kerry disagrees with the democracy-at-gunpoint doctrine."


"You can't impose it on people ... You have to invite them to it. You have to nurture the process."

Right. Like we invited Nazi Germany to democracy. Like we invited WWII Japan to democracy. Like we invited Russia. Like we invited freakin' Afghanistan (another hearty congratulations to them, btw).

Mr. Kerry, the problem with "inviting" people to democracy is that the people who want it don't have the power to get it. Under the Taliban, Afghans were not about to get democracy on their own. If you think otherwise, you are a fool. Indeed, "fool" is nowhere near strong enough a word. And if you think that the Iraqis were about to get democracy from their benevolent leader, you are a fool. Again I say, those who want democracy couldn't get it, and those who could give it did not want it. And most importantly, almost 25 million Afghans just proved you wrong. Every single vote that was cast last week-end, Mr. Kerry, is the voice of an Afghan saying "thank you, America, for giving us democracy." Because these are not votes cast in convenience or safety - they are cast with a literal threat of death over their heads. They are not votes cast by people with nothing better to do on election day - they are votes cast with the very real possibility of a grenade attack, car bomb, or IED. And they cast those votes anyway!

But it never would have happened had America not dropped a few Daisy Cutters on some very bad people.

Third, and most importantly, the money quote: ''We have to get back to the place we were, where terrorists are not the focus of our lives, but they're a nuisance."

That's right. He wants terrorism to be a nuisance. Want a good reason to vote for George W. Bush in three weeks? There it is, the single best reason you could possibly want, and straight from John Kerry's mouth.

You know what a nuisance is? A flat tire is a nuisance. Litter is a nuisance. Saturday make-up classes because of a hurricane are a nuisance. Long lines in the supermarket are a nuisance.

Terrorism is not a nuisance, Mr. Kerry. Terrorism is a life and death struggle for ideological supremacy. Terrorism is the hope, sir, that you will be blown into a million pieces so that a radical Islamicist can get political points from your steaming corpse. That's terrorism. And it is not in the same ballpark as nuisance. It isn't even in the parking lot outside the parking lot. It isn't even in the same city where the nuisance game is being played. Nuisance, Mr. Kerry, is on Mars, and terrorism is in another freaking galaxy!

Kerry: What's on the schedule for today, Bob?
Bob: We're dedicating a school and pretending to be angry about another terrorist attack.
Kerry: Can we bump that last one? I was hoping to go golfing this afternoon.