Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Fun with Historical Revision

Via a lot of places, but most recently Way Off Bass, here's a story that reinforces my disgust with public education, although oddly it's the teacher who makes sense in this one.

The summary version is this: a teacher put up a display featuring the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and pictures of all the U.S. Presidents. Naturally, that means PRESIDENT George W. Bush was on the display, considering that he's the PRESIDENT of our country, and has been for almost four years, now. But it turns out some parents were unhappy with that. They wanted the teacher to either take down the picture of PRESIDENT George W. Bush from a display on PRESIDENTS of the United States, or else put up a picture of John Kerry (who is not the President, btw). Last I heard, the teacher walked out/was kicked out (probably depends on who you ask) and I don't know what will happen now.

See, the parents were being reasonable in this case, because they have a right not to have their children subjected to partisan lies about who is the actual president right now, and they made a fuss in a socially responsible and in no sense idiotic fashion.

But as usual, I don't think the shrieking leftists went far enough. After all, even if the teacher had taken down the picture of PRESIDENT George W. Bush, what would that have accomplished? The display still would have featured prominent Hitler-esque monsters from our past, such as Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon. Clearly the only way to have a totally non-partisan display is to remove all the Repiblicans completely, and to fill their spots with pictures of contemporary leftists. For example, we could replace Richard Nixon with Chairman Mao. Instead of Ronald Reagan, we could have Mikhail Gorbachev. Bush Sr. would have to make way for Castro (I know, Castro came into power long before Bush Sr. did, but we're running out of communists, here). Instead of the deliberately inflammatory picture of George W. Bush, we could have a picture of Al Gore, another contemporary communist.

Also, I think our flag has too many stars. Seriously, if Texas is going to get a star, then every time I look at a flag I'm going to have inflammatory partisan ideas about Texas' statehood shoved down my throat. Not in my America, bub.

The liberal-friendly "No Texas Flag." Wave it proudly my leftist friends.

Furthermore, bloggers (a.k.a. "digital brownshirts") should not have the right to complain when the L.A. Times suggests that the defeat of a Democrat-sponsored bill is a loss for Republicans. We just don't need that kind of partisanship.