Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

In the Doghouse

Drudge tells us that John Kerry and his sugar mamma had a big shouting argument before staying in separate motel rooms after a rally on Sunday.

Drudge also gives us this picture, apparently because he went temporarily insane and thought it was actually a decent shot. It looks like it was taken by a five-year-old.

Okay, now in a perfect world this would not be news. All married people fight sometimes (other than my wife and me), and there's no reason to hold these two to some unrealistic standard.

And of course, we're not in a perfect world.

I won't make fun of them for this, because really, there's nothing to make fun of. I won't even feel any Schadenfreude, because seriously, I'm not exactly cackling with glee over it.

But I will mention it, as well as another bit of anecdote, because it's an interesting - and basically impartial - commentary on the Kerry campaign. This morning on talk radio the local hosts, who were at the Las Vegas rally last night, commented on how everyone on the campaign strode excitedly onto the stage, except for Teresa, who shuffled on. She stood far apart from her husband. John had to cross the stage to give her a kiss, and her body language showed she wasn't very excited about it. And Alan Stock (one of the above-mentioned radio hosts) was thrilled to note that Teresa didn't say anything at the rally.

The Drudge story sounds legit, because "a top source" described the sleeping in separate rooms as "a cooling off." That clearly indicates that there was a boiling over (as opposed to the official saying "no, it didn't happen at all"). And it looks like at least some of that bled over into the Vegas rally.

Consider the possibility that Teresa isn't in this for the long haul. I'm happy that I'm a totally obscure blogger who will never incur the same prying wrath that Teresa has put up with since her husband took Iowa. Few people have what it takes to deal with that kind of scrutiny. And consider that Teresa has, up til this point, led a relatively cloistered, sheltered existence. She's not used to anyone disagreeing with her, let alone calling her out on her contradictions ("Shove it!") or posting unflattering pictures of her on the internet.

Okay, so she's not going to be the President. But clearly her attitude will have an effect on Kerry's attitude, and energy levels.