Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Looks like McGreevey will get "outed" for the second time in a week.

First of all, I assume that my readers (both of you) read/watch other news sources. I don't have the time to mention every news story. I will probably never break any story of importance. I just comment on happenings when something gets my attention.

That said, in case you haven't heard the McGreevey story, here's the skinny: New Jersey's governor recently announced that a) he was resigning and b) his truth is that he is a gay American. He did not mention the federal investigation, or that his "lover" (who claims not to be gay) is suing him for a lot of money for sexual harassment. In other words, I feel (as do many bloggers) that McGreevey turned the politically disastrous revelation that he cheated on his wife with a man, took money from illegal sources, and hired $10,000 prostitutes to compromise potential witnesses, into a "Help! I'm being oppressed! Come and see the violence inherent in the system!" moment.

It hasn't worked for a single conservative blogger I've read. Every single one of them reacted to the news of his coming out with a "so what?" Myself included. I don't care that he's gay (bi?), and apparently most New Jerseyans already knew or suspected. And so what if he is? The only person he hurt was himself. Oh, and his wife, who had to stand on a podium at a press conference while her husband told the world he prefers hot manflesh over her. Oh, and his children, who were also at said conference. Oh, and the guy he sexually assaulted. Oh, and the people of New Jersey, because McGreevey appointed his lover to a position for which he was not qualified, and gave him over $100 k per year to do it. But note that I am nowhere on that list, and so I don't care.

The other tricky part of his resignation is that McGreevey could have stepped down then and there, but instead he chose to delay his resignation. It seems New Jersey's constitution has a provision that basically means if he steps down after a certain date, the Democrats get a new Democrat governor without all the messy business of dealing with voters. New Jersey Republicans were understandably angered at this.

That's the summary.

This new story is about Democrats trying to "out" McGreevey from the governor's office a little sooner than expected. Great plan, right? I'm certain they're doing it for purely altruistic and virtuous motives, right?