Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Monday, July 26, 2004

Convention or Fiesta?

Drudge links this story with the headline, "Let's Get the Party Started."

Okay, seriously.  For the millions of Americans not actually at the convention, Drudge is committing a serious abuse of the English language if he's referring to the DNC as a "party."  This isn't just me being partisan - the word is equally offensive to the RNC.  Watching several days of politicians making speeches is no one's idea of a "party."  So come on.

On the other hand, according to Dave Barry the whole thing is basically an excuse for journalists to get free food and alcohol, so perhaps "party" is exactly the right word.  A party to which the vast majority of America is not invited (unless C-Span wants to mail us all sandwiches).  A party where the only cover charge seems to be enduring day after day of long-winded, hollow political speeches, although with no guarantee that the attendees will be sober at the time.  Also, Dave seems to think stupid hats are, but should not be, a part of that process. 

(Note: Dave's column requires registration.  Courtesy of, you can use as the e-mail address and nopassword as the password. rocks).