Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Confirming "A Theory Confirmed"

The crack young staff at Hatemongers Quarterly apparently just noticed something that I noticed, oh, maybe a few months ago:

"Yet the clever “weblogger” who goes on extended “weblogging” vacations is often rewarded for his e-laziness. Unlike quotidian scribblers, this “weblogger” gets all kinds of attention when he briefly returns to his “weblog.” All manner of “webloggers” offer their huzzahs, and the lethargic “weblogger’s” “website” gets bigger than Tom Cruise’s desire for homosexual intercourse."

I quote this for three reasons. First, props for a nice use of the word "quotidian." Second, the crack young staff is absolutely right: whenever I say I'm taking a break, or that my computer will be in the shop for a while, my comments shoot way up. It seems the important lesson to be learned is that the best way to get people enthusiastic about my blog is to stop writing.* Third, by linking that post, and thereby sending all of nine or ten hits their way, the aforementioned crack young staff will see its theory further confirmed.

* The only reason I still write after noticing that phenomenon is to take revenge on you, the reader. Why should I reward your perfidy with my silence?