Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Breaking News!

***SobekPundit Exclusive! Must credit SobekPundit!***

North Korean doctors have diagnosed dictator Kim Jong-Il with a rare disease known as "Not-Enough-Bullets-in-the-Head-itis" (NEBITHI). The condition is often fatal, and doctors are working on remedying the problem. His situation is described as "critical, but not critical enough."

Let's hope he get upgraded to stable but dead.

Update: Note this story: "The latest change is believed to be part of a move intended to soften Kim's image as a dictator, said Radiopress editor Shinya Kato. He said he thought the glorifying title was dropped at the order of Kim and that he did not believe it was a sign of his weakening power."

I assume that guy has more experience with North Korean issues than I do, but again I can't believe that he would react to weakening power by relaxing control over his state-run propaganda machine.

The same report also mentions the Dear Leader on a visit to observe military activity, so I think that's another swipe at the "he's sick" theory. Certainly it casts doubts on the theory that he's dead.