Still Pissed Off About the Hawley-Smoot Tariff

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Blogging High

In order to show solidarity with fellow right-winger Rush Limbaugh (who, like Sobek, likes to eat liberals), I'm blogging while under the influence.

Sobek "Peace Dragon" Pundit. I've got the munchies for some Liberals!!!

Update: Vicodin is not all it's cracked up to be.

To be fair, I only took one of the two recommended tablets, and then I fell asleep soon afterwards (it was 11:00 at night), and didn't wake up until long after the six hour effective period, so maybe it's more entertaining than I make it out to be. But personally, I didn't see the big deal.

I may have gotten myself an ulcer. The timing couldn't be worse, because I'm driving to California this week-end, and I can't be on Vicodin and drive at the same time, so I've got a big, delicious bottle of powerful narcotics that I can't use if I don't want to kill myself or others.

The doctors I saw thought it was weird that I didn't come in for treatment until four days after my symptoms appeared, but I think the "I'll tough it out" prize definitely goes to the guy in the room next to me. On Friday, he was working on his car, and as he was cleaning up afterwards he somehow got a piece of metal in his eye. He didn't come in to the emergency room until yesterday (Wednesday) evening. Wow. If any of my five or six readers have an "I'll tough it out" story, please feel free to share.

Update: Over the week-end I spent more time in the emergency room, where I discovered a fascinating drug called Dilaudid (I assume I'm spelling that right) which, I am informed, is ten times more powerful than morphine. While happily sailing that particular wave, the doctors decided I have shingles, and gave me more Vicodin. I still need to talk to my doctor here in Nevada to see if she needs to check for ulcers in addition to shingles. In the mean time, as long as I take my pain medication regularly I am (mostly) fine, and no one needs to worry about me. That's all the information I have as of now.